Capital Renovations

Building envelope replacements, new doors & windows, roofing and other upgrades liven up appearance, improve efficiency and add lasting value to condominium properties.

Property owners and condominium associations with aging facilities turn to JH Spain for expert guidance in developing capital renovation programs. Our experience in renovating single family and multi-unit properties offers property managers a reliable construction and maintenance partner.

We fully understand that condo association boards and property managers ultimately answer to homeowners. We also understand maintenance disruption concerns and are sensitive to the needs of the residents we serve while delivering on our contract obligations.

The JH Spain Difference

Every planned construction project requires essentially the same materials, labor and compliance requirements. The JH Spain difference is that condominium associations receive a carefully planned and cost-effective program to replace building envelope components that liven up the appearance of the development and add lasting value to the entire neighborhood.

Association boards and property managers need a general contractor who can handle the complex communication problems arising out of construction disruption. Our experience working with homeowners spans decades and includes thousands of great relationships. We listen with empathy and respond professionally. Our homeowner communication programs are designed to relieve property managers of additional responsibilities during all phases of construction.

JH Spain enjoys excellent relationships with manufacturers and distributors of the finest building and roofing materials. Decades of experience working with competing brands provides the knowledge about which materials are best suited for providing the best quality, consistency, durability, and longevity. We stand behind this product and service expertise by offering condominium associations & property managers options for extended material and labor warranties. This gives our clients the confidence that their buildings will function well and last for generations.

JH Spain’s comprehensive condominium renovation services include:

  • Complete Building Envelopes
  • Siding
  • Trim
  • Doors & Windows
  • Roofing

We strive to be your one call, single point solution in capital improvements. Our team will always look for and recommend ways to improve quality and save money. We work very hard to earn the respect of homeowners and produce work that sheds the best light on your property.