Construction Services

Choosing a construction project delivery method is an important consideration. What’s the best way to work with the architect, engineers, general and sub-contractors? How creatively or technically involved will you be in the design, drafting of plans, and project management? Do you prefer to remain only at the level of executive direction?

JH Spain works with owners in the way that best suits their budgets and management style.


Design/build is the turnkey approach for owners who would rather not orchestrate all of the various players needed for a project. By hiring JH Spain for a design/build project, we coordinate all design, architectural and construction services for your building. In essence, we become the designated representative with all the engineers, architects, subcontractors and suppliers involved for the project.

We get involved very early in the process from conception, to planning, to final construction of your project. As the owner’s representative, we handle all of the details including subcontractor bidding and local permitting approvals so you can focus on your core business needs.

Construction Management

Working with us as a Construction Manager allows you to work with the same team from very early in the design and preconstruction phases, all the way through the general contracting services and pre-occupancy. As your Construction Manager, JH Spain can be very flexible in scheduling and managing various phases of construction. We may start work on certain approved phases when other project components are still in design, often accelerating progress toward completion.

By participating early in the process and becoming a collaborative member of your team, JH Spain offers advantageous changes or improvements to your project as its being developed. Years of Construction Management experience enable us to provide you with a bigger picture of your entire project to offer cost-saving opportunities as well as project improvements.

General Contracting

The General Contractor (GC) is responsible for all of the actual construction phases of the project. The GC manages all aspects of materials, labor, subcontractors, utilities and other services required to construct your building. Some owners and property developers will hire a GC to implement construction after working with architects and engineers in the planning and preconstruction phases.

As your General Contractor, JH Spain brings decades of successful project management experience to the work site. While we provide a myriad of planning, design and engineering support services, at the end of the day, we’re a construction company. You can feel confident in our full scope of capabilities to construct a durable and lasting built environment that you and others can enjoy for many years.